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Mental Health Best Practices

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What Makes You, YOU?

Follow these directions to create a Splat-tastic poster, featuring all the amazing things that make you unique!

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Learn How to Meditate!

Our step-by-step guide to calming down. Follow these meditation tips any time, any where!

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Our World Confidence Guide

Use this guide to help you name your feelings and build up your self-confidence.

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Draw the Feeling!

Don't know what you're feeling? Draw it out with SpongeBob and Patrick!

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Calm Yourself Down, Count It Out!

Whenever you're feeling down, remember you can always count it out!

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No Apologies (Nick Remix) Music Video

Watch Ceci Balagot, Young Dylan, Lay Lay, and more celebrate who they are with a remix of the Monster High the Movie hit. Never apologize for what makes you YOU!

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Monster High Feelings Chart

Naming our feelings can help us better understand them. Check-in with yourself using this chart, featuring your Monster High favorites!

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A Kids’ Guide to Black Joy & Well-being

From positive affirmations to words of wisdom from the cast of That Girl Lay-Lay, here’s our guide to taking good care of yourself!

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Nick News: The Good Vibes Hotline

Students at an elementary school in Healdsburg, California created a hotline full of positive messages to brighten your day.

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A Conversation With The U.S. Surgeon General

The students of Jefferson Middle School Academy talk about mental health with Dr. Vivek Murthy.

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Practice Positive Affirmations

Let's build self-confidence with positive, encouraging daily affirmations!

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Mental Health With The Cast Of That Girl Lay Lay

Talk with the cast of That Girl Lay Lay about the importance of mental health.

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Nick News: A Message From Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove, star of iCarly, wants to give every girl the confidence to become an empowered young woman!

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Mental Health In The Black Community

The cast of That Girl Lay Lay talk about how they stay connected with themselves and others through activities like family time, meditation, staying active, and journaling.

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Balloon Cartoon: Meditation

Feeling a little off? Maybe a little sad, or anxious? Your Nick Jr. pals have some awesome exercises to help you breathe deep, relax, and feel grateful.

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NOGGIN: It’s Time For The Big Heart Awesome Show!

It’s Time For The Big Heart Awesome Show!

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NOGGIN: Mental Health Tips And Tricks

Being healthy means more than just eating right and exercising! It also means taking care of your mental health with mindful practices like breathing exercises and expressions of gratitude.

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Deep (Sea) Breaths

Sometimes all we need is a reminder to step back and take a deep breath. Here's Patrick guiding you through some mindful breathing!

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Healthy and Helpful!

Establish healthy habits, express yourself, and learn to help out around the house with these handy printables!